somewhere I belong

Somewhere I Belong

Growing up I always felt like an outcast. I was always weird. I found out I was adopted at a young age, it didn't mean much to me back then because I was young but later in life I found out my biological mom had many more kids after me ...
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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day 2017

World AIDS Day.  Have you been tested?  Today is #WORLDAIDSDAY. What does it mean to You?  Do you know your status?  Let's break the stigma surrounding HIV & AIDs community. Let's educate ourselves and be supportive of those infected, affected and living with this disease. Over the year's I've met so many ...
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Happy December

The last month in the year 2017! December used to be the sadness month for me because of the holidays and what it represented. For me, it represented not having a family, not having a place to call home, not belonging. Because I rarely get personal and share my story ...
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Bijou Bridal Boutique

Wedding Dress Shopping

After watching many episodes of “Say Yes To The Dress” in the past and David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” I was expecting many challenges dress shopping.  But, dress shopping was easy for me.  One of my biggest fear was, not finding something in my budget, even though my budget was ...
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I Had A Miscarriage

Recently I shared via periscope a personal experience. At first I wasn't going to make a blog post about it but then I realized that just like me, many women suffers in silence and it's time we break that cycle.   Having a miscarriage isn't something we should be ashamed ...
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October means a lot to me.

photo cred: Hailey Photography And here's why. . .  October is domestic violence awareness month. After I lost a friend to domestic violence, I wanted to help others like her. So each year I would do the domestic violence walk and volunteer at shelter for women who were in abusive ...
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