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February 2019

Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine Hygiene Drive

Growing up I never knew much about my body. I got my menstrual before I was a teenager and everything I learned was pretty basic. “Girls get their periods. You can get pregnant. Don’t have sex.” That was it. I never learned how to track my cycle, I didn’t know about ovulation and I didn’t learn about the uncontrollable mood swings until I was in my late teenage years. But,…

Jeju:en Sheet Mask

Trudean Haye

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been keeping up with my skincare routine. Even though I wash my face every morning sometime that’s not enough especially when my hair is braided for a long period. This weekend I decided I would set some time aside for myself and have a home spa day. It was refreshing, relaxing and I felt so rejuvenated afterwards. As you all know already,…

Do You Believe In Love After Love?

Trudean Haye

Growing up I always thought Cher was singing “ Do you believe in love after love” It wasn’t until today that I looking up the lyrics that I found out it was “life” not “love”. Hilarious. Before I looked up the lyrics, the title popped in my head. It’s Valentine’s Day and for the first time in 6 years I’m actually spending it alone. I began to ask myself, do…


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