Trudean Haye is a Jamaican model and activist. Born in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Jamaica, she's currently residing in Philadelphia, Pa, USA. 

After graduating Delaware Valley Charter High School in 2008.  Trudean immediately began being active within her community by volunteering and hosting donation events. In 2010 she launched her annual back to school donation drive gearing towards public school kids and teachers, filling 700 school bags with donated school supplies.

In late 2010, Trudean Haye started her modeling career, but her passion to start her own event planning business and hosting various fundraising events became her primary focus. Trudean put her modeling on hold and enrolled in school where she received her certification as an event and wedding planner, leading to the birth of Le Petite Capella Events & Wedding Planning.

Upon launching Le Petite Capella, Trudean Haye was contracted to be the designer for I-Female Magazine and was selected to be twice featured. In early 2012, Trudean and Stenell Greene-Myers (Owner of I-Female Magazine) teamed up with New Jersey Hair Stylist Gina Grace to organize I-Female Magazine’s 1st annual “I Am A Survivor” Fundraiser Gala and Fashion Show.

In the summer of 2012, while being contracted to plan a 3-day Gala event for a non-profit organization, Trudean was introduced to a local Philadelphia author. Realizing that they shared a similar passion for giving back to the community, they joined forces to do a book drive. Together they were able to collect over 7,500 reading books for Philadelphia public school children, ranging from pre-K to eighth grades.

Witnessing the success of the book drive, Trudean helped founded the Plant The Seed Movement a grassroots initiative advocating children’s literacy, education, and involvement in the arts.

With her foundation in place, Trudean decided in 2013 to resume her modeling career in hopes to bring more visibility to the cause nearest to her heart.

While balancing her career and attending school, Trudean later met visual artist and photographer Jeremiah Page with their combined love for food and art together they created Fine Arts Catering in 2014.  With Fine Arts Catering in place, Trudean wanted to help those in need by donating food which lead her to the Your A.O.K Foundation where she volunteered every Saturday for their outdoor feeding program by helping to feed the homeless. With the love and passion to help other Trudean became a member of the Your A.O.K Foundation where she have helped planned winter coat drive, as well as providing meals every week to their youth outreach program.

In early winter of 2015 Trudean participated in the Covenant House sleep out program raising awareness to homelessness in America among youths and LGBTQ youths. Being homeless at one point herself Trudean decided to partake in the Covenant House sleep out program every year.

After reconnected with a business acquaints, Trudean was presented with the opportunity to be a part of the Real R.A.P.P Radio show for “Trudy’s Recipe Corner” providing healthy recipes and cooking tips. She later began writing for an online magazine “Beauty Today Online” for their chef’s corner. Although she’s a lover of food Trudean doesn’t consider herself a professional chef just someone who appreciates good food while cooks delicious meals of her own.

In the summer of 2015, Trudean Haye and Jeremiah Page opened up their home and invited people to have “Sunday Dinner” with them. Sunday dinner is a BYOB event where people come together. But it’s not just about sitting at a table and eating food together but actually enjoying each other’s company without any distractions. No status updates, no Instagram, no social media… NO PHONES

Trudean and Jeremiah Sunday Dinner’s became highly demand and will be returning in 2016.

In fall of 2015, Trudean was asked to be one of the co-coordinator for the RED, WHITE & U HIV Anti-Stigma Photo shoot and Campaign which was created by Andrea Johnson of Girl U Can Do It, Inc and host of the Real R.A.P.P Radio show. The RED, WHITE & U HIV Anti-Stigma Photo Shoot and Campaign is about highlighting beautiful, brave and courageous women living with HIV around the world. In 2016 some of the women who partake in the campaign were on the Dr. Oz show.

Trudean Haye & Jeremiah Page were engaged on January 2016.

On August 6th, 2017 Trudean and Jeremiah were married.