Cleaning Out Your Closet

I'm cleaning out my closet - Eminem 

Not just the emotional baggage but the things in your closet and house.

When you discover self love, your like a snake, shedding your skin to allow for further growth and to remove toxic emotions and people that may have attached to your old skin.

But, how can you shed your old skin and still hold on to things of the past?

Time to open up those curtains in your home you’ve kept closed for so long. Time to go through your wardrobe and old boxes that have no benefits to you.

We all have seasonal cleaning routines. We put away our winter stuff when it’s springtime, and pull out our summer things when spring is over.

It’s time for your seasonal cleaning of self love. It’s time your environment reflect the person you are now becoming. Don’t look at it of throwing away things of your past but more so finding a different home for them.

Whether you donate some things or hold on to them, it’s still  important you take the time to clean out the things of your past.

Talk about refreshing!  It’s time to start cleaning to make room for new and better things.

Not only do you feel lighter but your surroundings do too. Your secret place becomes more peaceful and trust me, others will feel it as well.

Time to attract what’s makes you happy.


“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” -Marie Kondo

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