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At first I didn’t see the point of having a bridal shower. I wonder if I was being selfish and stubborn but I’m glad I did have one. Everything leading up to this wedding was stressful and I didn’t want to be around anymore people. When I originally asked my mother-in-law if I could host the bridal shower at her house I wasn’t expecting her to say “Yes” I guess a part of me wanted to find a reason to cancel it and was hoping she said no…

Few days later I came to terms with my feelings of wanting to be alone.

About 2 weeks before the shower, I began to feel the fear and panic setting in. Maybe I should cancel the shower? Why do I need a bridal shower? I started to think I made a mistake.

When you're used to doing things by yourself and being alone, sometimes you forget you're surrounded by people who love you. Sometimes we create scenarios in our head to protect ourselves from being hurt or feel let down.

5 days before my bridal shower my mother-in-law emailed me a list of the menu. She sent me an detailed email about everything, asked me questions and told me she was ready to rock and roll. I was amazed.

Everything was complete. The only thing left was for us to decorate the house and set the tables up.

Most time, we cloud our minds with doubts and fears because it’s easier to not let yourself feel disappointed. But, life is more than our doubts and fears. Imagine if we let go of our fears and doubts, we then open up ourselves to experience something we’ve never experienced before. Pure blissfulness and genuine happiness.

Thanks to my amazing mother-in-law, my bridal team and everyone that came out to celebrate with me… I had an amazingly great bridal shower. I felt the love that I was surrounded by and once again I had to stop and remind myself that I AM NOT ALONE.

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