Day 2: It’s Okay To Ask For Help


Struggling in silence was better than reaching out for someone’s help. This was what I was taught growing up. For a  long time I struggled with this.

I had to learn that asking for help was not a sign of weakness but strength.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you need help, after all we can’t always do it by ourselves.

When people think about self-love, they usually think it’s about positive affirmations but self-love goes deeper that positive affirmations.

Self-love is about self-care. Taking care of yourself in both body, mind and spirit.

Recently I spoke about having a therapist because I knew mentally, I need help. Depression isn’t something you get over easily and I knew I needed help with what I was going through. I was afraid to reach out for help because It was a sign of weakness.

I thought I was weak because I need help but in reality, getting the help I needed was the best thing that happened to me.

Love yourself enough to ask for help.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like asking for help is for the weak. Don’t convince yourself you can do it alone because no one can. We all need a helping hand and trust me when I say there are amazing people out there what will provide you with one.

But first, it starts with you.

Be brave. Be strong. You’re not alone.

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