Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine Hygiene Drive

Growing up I never knew much about my body. I got my menstrual before I was a teenager and everything I learned was pretty basic.

“Girls get their periods. You can get pregnant. Don’t have sex.”

That was it.

I never learned how to track my cycle, I didn’t know about ovulation and I didn’t learn about the uncontrollable mood swings until I was in my late teenage years.

But, I never knew the luxury I had when it came to having feminine hygiene products. They were always at my disposal whenever I needed them until the day I was without a home.

I will never forget the kindness of one random stranger. I was at the bus stop when a lady walked up to me and handed me a few pads. She said that my pant had been compromised and asked how she could help.

She handed me $10 to buy a pair of tights from across the street and gave me the pads.

I don’t think she knew how important that moment was for me. At that time I was using paper towels to help with my monthly cycle. Days I wasn’t using paper towels I would use a bath rag folded enough to absorb everything.

I was ashamed. But, at the same time, It made me thought about all the young girls and women who had to deal with the same thing I was dealing with.

Feminine Hygiene Products

For women in shelters, daily hygiene tasks can be challenging. Even though light essentials are provided in homeless centers and shelters, however items such as tampons and pads are harder to come by. The lack of resources to menstrual health products for people who are either homeless or low-income is appalling that’s why ITAVFoundation and I are collecting feminine hygiene products to be given out to various shelters, homeless individuals and centers for women.

Many public restroom do not keep feminine hygiene products stocked anymore. Most schools don’t have the budget for it and many women in prison aren’t given the “luxury” to have access to these products. Low income families face the same problem

But feminine hygiene products are a necessity not a luxury.

Low resources means the risk of infection and health problems is even higher.

Starting March 2019, I’ve made it my mission to help supply those that are in need and to help educate and learn about women’s health.

It’s not just about supplying feminine hygiene products but to learn about the right products and how to take better care of our bodies as women. You can donate to our feminine hygiene drive. With your help we will purchase feminine hygiene products to be distributed.

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