The closer we get to our wedding the less focus I become. Normally, multitasking isn't a problem but as of lately my mind, emotion and body haven’t been on the same page. I was told this was normal for someone who's getting married. It’s been a struggle, I must admit I wasn’t ready for the emotional toll that came with planning our wedding. Some days are harder than most, especially when everyone have an option about our wedding. Planning a wedding, working full-time also trying to focus on my own business/being an entrepreneur, 2017 definitely challenged me and I wasn’t prepared.

I guess a part of me expected everything to fall into place and run smoothly but I shouldn’t known better. As any great event planner will tell you, “ always plan for the unexpected”. I guess lacking focus is to be expected when I didn’t have a plan or idea of what to expect planning our wedding.

But moments like right now, I stop and take time to breathe, relax and remind myself that no matter what, I AM NOT ALONE.

Sometime losing focus helps put things into perspective. It allows you to take a step back and focus on what’s important, it allows you to find your center, find balance and become one with yourself once more.


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