Sidenote: S/O to one of my favorite makeup artist who's currently working on project runway for the makeup goodies 

Confession: I know nothing about makeup.

Honestly, I only know the basic and that's applying eyeliner, lipstick and eye shadows. Other than that, I'm completely clueless.

But, thanks to my amazing make-up artist they’re always making me extra fabulous whenever I have a photo shoot or event.

I’m really excited about this part of my blog because I get to express my style of fashion + beauty with you all, while learning about your style and what makes you unique.

I’ll be sharing some of my daily routine on how to keep you skin moisturized throughout the winter, why I love box braids and how you can also rock them, my love of color, tutus and makeup tips from professional makeup artists guest.  Where I shop, online shop and reviews on certain beauty/ skin care products as well as hair products I use in my hair that works GREAT!

Stay Tune!



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