Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner started in the summer of 2014 as a way to help bring home cooked meals back to the dinner table. In 2015, I decided cooking meals and delivering them wasn’t enough.

I wanted to connect with people. I wanted to share more than just a meal with them.  I wanted to create a space where everyone would feel welcomed and we could converse with each other respectfully.

Sunday Dinner is a monthly dinner hosted once a month. At the dinner table there’s only one rule, NO PHONES. Sunday Dinner is about bringing people together, bonding and sharing the love and passion we have for FOOD!

Sunday Dinner

Each month I put together a set three course meal menus and invite the public to join me for dinner. Even though I love to cook I DO NOT consider myself a chef instead I like to think of myself as a lover of food and a food enthusiasm.

During dinner guest are served appetizers, an entree and desserts. The dinner table is set in a professional manner with wine glasses, blue and green plates, napkins designs and the proper utensils beside each plate

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner is a BYOB event and $25 per person. Because Sunday Dinner has become very popular, it's usually sold out within minutes.

Kids under the age of 14 are not permitted due to conversation topics unless stated otherwise.


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  • School is out which means ITAVFoundation and I have work to do. The goal: Provide school supplies for public school students and teachers. 
Each year we fill more than 700 backpacks with school supplies. 
Why? Because it takes a village.
Donate online at www.itavf.org @itavfoundation 
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  • I've been really enjoy having my hair out. Even though I hate doing my hair, I'm glad I decided not to cut it anymore and let it grow back out. This weeks hairstyle been my favorite, in Jamaica we call this #chineybumps also known as #bantuknots. Gonna keep it out for a while before braiding again. 
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  • #prideweekend! Had such an amazing time this weekend with dope peeps, music, meeting new people and just having a blast! 
Had a great time at Odunde as well! Looking forward to next year's event! 
  • Always will be. #pridemonth
  • #riprobinwilliams
  • I woke up like this. Flawed 😂😂😍😍. This unruly child of mine (my hair) won't let me be great. After I spend over an hour straightening it, it still did what it wanted. Shrink and Poof! Guess I'll be rocking my frohawk for awhile. #thisisme #naturalhair #naturalhairstyles #iwokeuplikethis #someonecomedomyhair #imoverit #mesocute