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Bijou Bridal Boutique

After watching many episodes of “Say Yes To The Dress” in the past and David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” I was expecting many challenges dress shopping.  But, dress shopping was easy for me. 

One of my biggest fear was, not finding something in my budget, even though my budget was pretty big for my wedding dress, I also didn’t want to fall in love with a dress that wasn’t planned for my budget.

I waited four months before our big day to start looking for a dress, reasons being, I was nervous and scared. You may have read in some of my earlier posts about the fears I had leading up to my wedding day. Dress shopping was #2 on my list of things I was fearful about.

The plan was to visit two different bridal boutiques but I fell in love with the first boutique I went to.

When we enter the store, It was like being in a fairy tale. This was real, it was happening, I was getting married.

I love wedding dresses, and I knew that I wanted something princess like and It had to be a ballgown. The goal was to find something that looked fun, show the girls (if you get my drift) and would not restrict me. I wanted to twirl and jump around in my dress and I’m so glad I found exactly what I was looking for.Wedding Dress

Bridal boutique: I went to Bijou Bridal Boutique located at 102 E Montgomery Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003

My bridal attendant was wonderful. From getting all the dresses I wanted to try on, to helping me put them on, she made my experience pleasant and comfortable.

After my dress was ready, I went in for my fitting and only got two things altered on my dress. They took in the bust area and hem the front because it was long and I wasn't wearing shoe. The lady that did my alterations was pleasant and sweet. She reminded me of my grandmom. We connected at my first fitting. Trudean Haye's Wedding Dress

Who came with me: My foster mom and sister as well as my mom in law.

Small group, very personal and intimate, dress shopping was so much more than what I expected it to be.

Dress alterations: Since our wedding was comic book themed, I wanted a cape to be attached to my dress. I wasn’t sure how it would’ve looked or where on the dress I was going to have it but after consulting with a friend who did the alteration, she attached the cape at the bottom of the train I had on my dress. Alterations were made by Miystasia Style.

Dress Shopping Advice: Have an open mind. Don’t stress and don’t let anyone force you to wear something you’re not comfortable wearing. Shopping for a wedding dress should be FUN not stressful. It’s a magical moment. Sometimes you may not find your dress at the first place you visit even if it’s somewhere you really wanted to shop at, it’s OK. They’re so many more bridal boutique out there with many amazing dresses. The important thing to remember is that, this is YOUR dress and even if no one else doesn’t like it, if you do that’s all that matters.

wedding dresswedding dress

Photo cred: Ricky Codio

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