What Does It Mean To Be Vulnerable?


Someone recently asked me if I ever feel vulnerable during my photo shoots especially ones where I have to be naked in front of other people?

Honestly, I feel more vulnerable sharing my photos than taking them.

Social media is often time the biggest form of bullying I’ve ever dealt with. Every time I share something about myself or my photos I open myself us to the world, which means people will judge, they will have their opinions about who I am or cast their views and ideals of what a positive role model/woman should be or look like.

I’ve been reluctant in the past in sharing my photos because I hated being vulnerable. But I’ve learned to accept myself and be confident in who I am.

But even so, often time I still question if I should share myself with the world but I’ve come to also realized that vulnerability isn’t bad.

“To be vulnerable means to put yourself out there and be open to possibilities and opportunities…. When you open yourself up to the possibility to criticism and rejection, you’re also opening yourself up to chance and growth.”

Trudean Haye vulnerable

Photo Credit: KFos Photography

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May 14, 2019

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